paul lee | moving images


Feature film "Fishing Naked"

Co-Writer, Co-Producer, Director of Photography and Post Production Supervisor



Music Vids

Ball aerospace- corporate overview 2015

Roz brown- producer

editing and motion graphics, additional camera

"American High School Woodshop" feature film

director- pete coggan

co-producer, director of photography, post production supervisor

Airusa- bae hawk introduction

producer, primary camera, editing

Sports authority- sae elite launch

producer Kerry Vander Weit

camera, editing, graphics

The Plates "Keith moon version"

Co-Director, DP, Post

the plates "Machine Gun"

co-director, dp, post

mr. anonymous "some gal a move"

Director- pete coggan

DP and post

mr. anonymous "discotheque"

Director- pete coggan

DP and post

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